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The Heart Holding the Aces


Stock-exchange speculators often times lose fortunes in regrettably hasted placements or badly calculated deals. We usually label them as risk-takers, look up to their skillfulness in placing bets of millions and whenever the unexpected occurs, we just blame it on the volatility of the market. They were willing to take the risk, they lost, they’ll eventually bounce back and that makes them winners.

In love, however, things are rarely as clear-cut. We invest something even more precious than millions, we invest emotions, feelings, desires, we build our lives around the one possibility of getting the big lottery ticket, of closing our life’s deal – finding a soul-mate.

Unlike financial engineering though, we often lack the scrupulousness and tactical reasoning of choosing the best „stock” to channel our emotional investment on. Moreover, not only do we not assess the risk before betting all we’ve got on a likely-to-fail relationship, but when things go amiss we almost never blame the „volatility” of his feelings, but in most cases we blame ourselves.

We blame ourselves for not being sufficiently engaging, not having given enough love or not having been skilled in long-term maneuvers that would end up in marriage rather than in goodbyes. And then we give up trying for a while. We struggle to keep our gambler instinct under control, to keep ourselves away from the game table and detox our lives of the cumbersomeness of unrequited, failed love.

Nonetheless, those times always pass, they always fade away and our luck changes. Or at least we get the feeling that it’s high time it did. Investors often give up risking after a major crash, after seeing their wealth scattered on unsuccessful deals. Women, however, never do. More cautious, slightly bitter, with less lightheartedness, definitely without the same stars in their eyes but more down-to-earth, they try again. They pick themselves up and try again from scratch, every single time. And never fail to believe that it will come to them eventually.

And yes…women in love make the worst investors. They invest in the most volatile and unpredictable thing in the world – in love. They lose everything and yet they try again and again, with renewed faith. And they always seem to find the way of bouncing back, usually when their inner voice urges them to take a risk once again and to follow the intuition that all those who ever put their lives on the line for anything know very well…and know it by heart.

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