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Live It Like Beckham

Everybody knows David Beckham. He has become a global brand, whose mere autograph on any product, from toilet paper to luxury fragrances, is worth billions of dollars. Everybody looks up to him, every football player-wannabe dreams of being like him. That’s a fact.

However, would you ever picture David Beckham playing for Lokomotiv Plovdiv or Hartlepool News? Or, have 80% of Beckham’s fans ever so much as heard of these two football teams? I didn’t think so. That is because a Second League team couldn’t even dare to dream about getting their hands on a player of Beckham’s caliber. Why? Name, financial means, career perspectives…when it comes to reasons, sky is the limit.

While having dinner with two dear friends today, I started thinking about this. No, not about David Beckham, although he is quite an eye-candy, but about the „leagues” that life always seems to divide us in and, moreover, about the way we spend our existence switching from one league to another. But until when?

When we are in our teens, we’re part of the Little League and anything can happen. We dream big dreams, we fantasize about the bright future awaiting us and never dare to even think that we might end up elsewhere than side by side with the Champions.

As we grow up, we learn that the dreams of our youth were good dreams, but that only the best of us can make it to the top, where true success resides. Most of us regard them as lucky and think of them as enviable people who got their big break in life. People who have everything. However, ironically, as high as you go up the success ladder, the fewer your options are.

If David Beckham would one day decide that he’s too bored with playing for the Los Angeles Galaxy and would entertain the idea of finding a new team to play for, do you think it would be easy? Of course, if money, fame, name wouldn’t mean anything, Beckham could go play ball even for Bihorul Beius (for the uninitiated, that’s a Third League Romanian team) and consider himself happy. However, knowing his value, it is highly unlikely that he would ever do that. Consequently, this narrows down his options. Firstly, there are only a few football teams in the world that could afford him and out of those only a few that he would honestly fancy playing for. Secondly, those football teams have their own local stars so it is not so impossible to think that some of them wouldn’t have an empty spot for Beckham anyway.

Why am I doing this funky math? Well…because there are moments in the life of every successful career-oriented woman (or man, for that matter, I don’t want to be discriminatory in any way :) ), in which she/he inevitably feels a bit of a Beckham. Only the goal is not playing for Manchester United, but finding love, and the essence does not reside in the money, but rather in the similar grounds that two people share. Successful women or men are often told that they are picky, that they are looking for something that hasn’t been invented yet when they should just settle for what is to be found at arm’s length. However, I am asking myself the question again – would Beckham play for Lokomotiv Plovdiv? The answer is a bitter „No”.

When intelligent and career-driven women or smart and successful men are looking for love, their options are sadly narrow and scarce. Not because they are conceded or looking for wealth and fame, because deep inside what every person honestly desires is feeling respected and loved, but because they are aware that they cannot „downgrade” themselves to fit the aspirations and ego of the commitment-challenged men or respectively those of the shallow women around them. That in order to be happy, they have to be able to be themselves, and that implies finding someone to love that inner self that they love. Someone who doesn’t feel threatened, intimidated nor scared by the presence of a strong person in his or her life.

They say that everything that comes to us in this life is a blessing in disguise, even the rough times that we have. And some say that loneliness is the price that one must pay for having a permanent seat in the Top 10. However, as a woman like a thousand others, who believes in love, I refuse to buy that. And, to all the other successful women (or men) out there, I can only hand out this piece of advice: just carry on dreaming, believing and searching…until you finally find a „Los Angeles Galaxy” of your own”

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