The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom

I was invited by the two authors (Diana Doroftei and Matthew Cross) to partake in this wonderful book, sharing a few of my ideas to the world.

Three of my quotes are to be found in ,,The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom”. I am proud and honored that my name shows up next to important public figures and famous people in Romania’s modern history. My biggest hope is that this book will be a successful way of conveying to the world what Romania and Romanians truly stand for.



Wisdom seems to find us in the exact moment in which our soul is in a quest for answers or for something to resonate with. The whole magic of wisdom: it knows no boundaries of language, religion or political color. Wisdom is what stays behind and crystallizes inside us when experience, genius, suffering, age or all of the above wash away the shores of our lives.

That’s why I am so proud that two wonderful people like Diana and Matthew came up with the idea of making the secret gems of Romanian wisdom known to the entire world, as they often go unseen or neglected. They’re food for thought as well as for the soul, because genuine emotions are what our souls truly feast on…

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